Anniversary Building Box (525 pieces)

Hubelino becomes 10 and we wanted to celebrate our anniversary with something special. In this set you will find our cradle chute, twister and catapult, combined with run elements and building bricks to build our impressive marble run.

Long lasting fun is guaranteed.

The biggest gift for our birthday are the many loyal Hubelino fans, who present their creative buildings to us every day on every existing social media. Therefore, we are exclusively offering the perfect set for Hubelino fans for our anniversary: The Anniversary Building Box with 525 pieces. It contains everything that is needed to build the most beautiful marble run. This marble run accompanied us last year at all exhibitions and always left a stunning impression.

Product Information

136 run elements,
361 blocks,
2 base plates,
20 marbles,
6 special elements
6.7 kg
55.5 x 22.5 x 42.5 cm
EAN Code